The Historical Museum of Bergamo library embraces a newspaper library, history books dealing with italian, european and world history, essays about different topics, magazines collections, photographic books, which deal with the history of 1800 and 1900. We are listing all the material and soon it will be available for consultation in the National Library System.

Among the magazines dealing with military topics, those born in the trenchs during the I World War are rare and very interesting. We have also american military magazines of the same period, collected in the Angelini Collection. Contemporary italian newspapers and magazines are also available to scholars and students: for example "Archivi & imprese" and "Rivista militare".

"Signorsė", September 8th 1918"After the kappa bread, also the victory flies away" "Sad awakening"


The most important monographies in the Museum are in the Cucchi Collection (they deal with the quarrel Bergamo-Milan concerning the Brembo river) and in the Angelini Collection (they deal with the I World War).

The Institute for the history of Italian Risorgimento has given its library to the Museum: it embraces essays written by italian and foreign authors and all issues of the magazine "Rassegna storica del Risorgimento", published by the Institute. Recently the Museum received also the Gabriella Cremaschi collection, which includes books dealing with the history of the movement of workmen and students in 1970.